The mountains seemed to glow like a swarm of fireflies while; I just sat there smoking my last cigarette, watching the sun go down and the sky turning twilight.

My thoughts were receding into a single one, was I really a byproduct of the society? I guess so, went to kindergarten, passed school like an average Joe and now waited my result for grad school, wondering how I’d repay those loans.

I smoked, got wasted and never was on time. Never had hobbies, got bullied, and got high on the dank grass. But, was I ever really into something?  NO, and that was sad.

An average Joe in a regular world

Nothing special. Was a regular potter head through and through till high school, could pronounce all the types of wands there were and everything about them, among other things. Now, couldn’t even remember who the protagonist was, it was some kid named Hagrid, I guess.

I realize, I am a byproduct

I am shelled in a false shell, a yolk in a rubber egg.

Restrained by the very society and morals and ethic and the god that I worshipped and swore by! Rudimentary, I need to get out, need to break free, fly like a free bird!

While I stand by my open car window, I flick my cigarette butt down the valley into the trash chute of a city. I’ll drive and drive and drive away in my Ford. Away to a place far-far away, nestled between the mountains and live in my lair, like a Bond villain.