Smoked room,
Ventilation, what’s that?
Dad’s a smoker
No, he isn’t an addict
He said so.

The child was a passive smoker
Smoked more than I’d in my years 14
It was merely 5
Mama’s a coke user, he told me one day
She snorts the powder from under the sink.

A coke-er and an addict with a pipe
A child, was he?
Disowned at age 8
A transgender was ‘he’
Cocaine and cigarettes weren’t sins
Being a transgender, oh my; a carnal sin!

In and out of foster homes
Orphaned by age 10,
Lived on the streets
With his dog, Pete
I found him on a cold summer noon

He is mine now,
Yes, I legally adopted him
He’s my kid
And will be
Steve –  welcome home, my child.