I lay awake under the mellow stars,
And the moonlight – pale
With the gentle brewing wind
The sorrow – it’d seem to be leaking

This is what sadness feels like?
Twilight breaking into a swarm of blue,
And the heart breaks into two – won’t death be easy,
I wonder

With the leaking taps,
Mind starts to go blank – a canvas wanting red!
I sleep in my water bed!

In this night,
Under the galaxy – so pretty
I look the ugly duckling
Am I not?

Boy, that’s what I really am
A bit different – a duckling (ugly)
Future, not so bleak anymore
The leak is seaming – close.

 The witch hour dawns,
A young cuckoo – a night that’s still young
Mellowed, gleeful – I sit crossed
Wind, it seems to hit right!