Part 1
I read this in a physics book, somewhere
Opposites are supposed to attract, no?

It seems my chromosomes don’t follow this
Damn the society is affected?

My weird wired connection seems to attract the fish monger and the monk
Fries on my tray itch the sauces on theirs

The cutie on bloc A is such a hot mess,
Oh wait, it’s an abomination
Cursed for life – damn.

Why can’t my North be attracted to the North,
What is the need of the South butting in?

Part 2
You know what, let’s leave the analogies.
Coming to the point,

I am as straight as the curvature of a circle.
Any questions?
No, good.
Keep that expression to yourselves;

I am what you’d call a raging HOMOSEXUAL,
Whatcha’ gonna do ‘bout it?

Part 3
But aren’t we all just stardust,
Similar chemical connections and tissues?
Wonder, what is the issue?
I don’t know it’s just…

Part 4
Queer – that’s so gay, ain’t it?
But, for me the only case of being queer
Are those who love none

Honey, I could do your boyfriend in a million better ways than you
And likewise for the alphas
Could pleasure the lady – like the fire you aren’t

Part 5
Let’s drop the act and mingle
With the singles and the bi’s
The lesbians and the dudes
And the homophobic douches too

Part 6
Let’s stop with the hate already?
And if a bullet does enter someone’s head
Let it destroy all the closet doors
Make love, honey
Not war – Uncle Sam’s already taking care of that.