The stars guide me,
The night sky is illuminated a brilliant black,
I am escaping this reality,
To a place where the blind can see

I would like to stay back,
And appreciate the change,
Rise and fall of the waves,

The mason and his tools
Mending the fragile wall

On the streets lie the hungry eyes,
A tired soul,
With the cage is still closing in
So why is this charade still on?

The path is dazed,
I was duped by the wolves,
Their wall-street accounts doubled in size
The poor man still weeps

I am still handing on,
Laying under the moon
Witnessing the pauper cry,
Eyes flared with hunger,

Accounts doubling at speed of light,
And the cage still closing in
As the star lit night sky guides,
I’ll travel to a place where the blind can see,
And escape this reality