Mailed that draft,
With rose petals inside,
Lily scented
Won’t you like it, dear?

The rain falls in a cascade,
Drenched in this sweet sweat,
Smelling the dirt so fresh,
And your scent fills in the scene

Backgrounds floral,
Explosions in my head,
Flutters in my heart,
Scenic beauty surrounds

Walking down that aisle grey,
Tears streaming,
Sidelined, I cry
Blood over me, eh?

And you said we were forever,
How true those lies sounded,
It was but sweet nothing,
A heartbreak,
One sided at least

The birds chirp,
I – cry in the meadow outside,
The church bells ring in nirvana,
Down in dumps

But I hope
You are happy,
And in love
For true this time.

As the rain cascades,
Lovely petals around,
The swing is inviting,
For eternity will I now play