How does one feel sad ever so suddenly? It’s this moment where you just feel like – am I even needed? Some nights are just spent alone, you want company but this nag hits you – people lead lives and you shouldn’t disturb them; so what does one do? Yes, sit alone in their sorrow.

Sitting in this constant sadness, we start waiting for when will the flowers bloom in the frost covered ground. We realize probably never, maybe fleeting few across the landscape but what is it worth? Human connections? We are alone, crawling towards death every day. Oh, how sweet would it taste – those full lips, those curves on our hands; an embrace with death – spicy and rather interesting it sounds!

Sorrow is rather frighteningly funny, while we are sad – despaired, we seem to laugh on ourselves, don’t know if that’s good, or if it’s bad – but it’s scary.

This aside, unhappy isn’t sad, sad is sad. It was just one of those nights – alone, lonely and sad.