Her tongue was like heliograph,
Love even more so –
Complexity at breakeven
I just lay there, high and dry
Trying to decipher
What my girl meant

Red lights have blown out
Packs have been going down like jenga towers
And bottles like tic tacs
All I want,
And all that I remember –
Is the her scent lingering on my bomber

My girl has eyes – you can’t look away from them
She looks at me and I stare
Dazed in my crimson view
This beautiful creature in mine
Oh, how lucky this pothead felt
My world was this girl with her coffee eyes

I am high and she looks pretty
Tomorrow morning when I wake;
She’ll still be here – still be pretty
This fair coffee eyed doe
Has my heart beating hard and fast
I wish her to be there – besides me, till I die