I write after the bell chimes for the witch hour

I love to write when the sun is all cozy in its bed and is ready to sleep, to let the moon breath. 

Twilight (not the movie or the book; the word) is rather beautiful, you know when the scene transitions from a beautiful of red to orange to some other colour then to blue to purple and finally to black, no black isn’t my favourite. 

About me

I scribble, eat, procastinate and do it on loop! All day long, all week long, all year long. And you know what? It’s the best feeling ever! (Least’ I think so)

I absolutely love to scribble and scrawl, watch anime (whenever I can), but my favourite thing is to eat and eat and eat as much as I can!

Proverbs, quotes, poetry, lyrics and all forms of writing is something I dig with a passion; both by my and others. 

“In fact,
I’m only at it again
As an addict with a pen”
– Twenty One Pilots

The universe is a rather small place and I cross my heart and hope to meet you around the corner someday, and we’d talk and talk and talk.

I would be sharing stuff I scribble or scrawl here and there after sundown, and wish for you to like it, no; I know you’d love it.

Go ahead lil’one and gobble up my scribbles.

Till we meet.
Happy Reading.